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September 10, 2018

An observational visit to the Haematology Laboratory in Accra

Members of the Administrative Core of SickleGenAfrica visited the Clinical Team in Accra on 27th August, 2018 at the haematology laboratory in Korle Bu where sample separation/extraction is done. The visit is part of a series of visits which will occur in all sites throughout the period of the project. The aim of the visit was to help the administrative team appreciate the conditions under which the clinical team in Accra operate when it comes to space and logistics and also observe how spinning and separation of samples is done (buffy coats, plasma, serum and red blood cells)

The visiting team from the hub were the study coordinator, the Project Manager and two Project Officers. The clinical team members were the Site Coordinator, Dr. Olayemi, the Clincical Research Coordinator, Enoch; the Research Nurse, Eugenia and the laboratory Scientist, Rhoda.

Dr. Olayemi welcomed the Administrative team and mentioned that recruitment is going on smoothly and improves every week. The Clinical Research Coordinator gave a progress report and touched on challenges.

Overall the visit team was impressed with the speed and tenacity of the site in recruitment.

Clinical Research Coordinator and Lab Technician demonstrating separation
Clinical Research Coordinator and Lab Technician demonstrating separation
SIte Coordinator addressing the visitors
SIte Coordinator addressing the visitors


Administration & Examination Hall Building.

School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences.

University of Ghana,

Korle Bu, Accra, Ghana

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